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Add-On Manifest

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2017 10:44AM EDT

This document is a reference for the addon-manifest.json file that describes your add-on service.

  "id": "myaddon",
  "api": {
    "config_vars": [ "MYADDON_API_KEY", "MYADDON_URL"],
    "regions": [ "us" ],
    "password": "60680a0045f5288bb3e82b8294cd1c36",
    "sso_salt": "a4f8eb78386d2bde31ffc1d0c420ebd8",
    "production": {
      "base_url": "https://myapp.com/xervo/resources",
      "sso_url": "https://myapp.com/sso/login"
    "test": {
      "base_url": "http://localhost:4567/xervo/resources",
      "sso_url": "http://localhost:4567/sso/login"


This is the internal id for your add-on. The id will be used by users to interact with your add-on. This is the id that will be used for authentication with your add-on.


The api object describes your service's provider API.


The config_vars field describes all config_vars (environment variable) fields that will be supplied to the user's environment once your add-on is installed. Your service must provide values for each config_var provided in this field.

Config_vars must be prefixed with the id of your add-on and describe the resource. For example, URL resources are named ID_URL.


This allows you to supply your service from multiple regions. Currently, US "us" is the only region supported by Xervo.


The password field is the basic authentication password for your service's provider API. The id field is used in conjunction with this password to authenticate to make requests to your service. Your service is required to protect all resources with basic authentication.


Used when authenticating a Xervo user to your service using single-sign-on. Your single sign out route (defined later) will use an SHA1 hash based on your id for the resource, this salt, and a timestamp in order to validate the authentication attempt.


The production endpoint for Xervo api actions (provision, deprovision, and plan change).


The production endpoint for single sign-on.


The test endpoint for Xervo API actions. This is the endpoint that the dia command line tool will use when testing provision, deprovision, and plan change actions for your add-on.


The test endpoint for single sign-on. This is the endpoint that the dia command line tool will use when testing single sign-on for your add-on.

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