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Stop, Starting, and Restarting Your Projects

Last Updated: Jul 06, 2015 10:13AM EDT

First you need to go to your project dashboard. This can be done by either clicking on a project listing in the user dashboard or by clicking "Dashboard" if you already have the project open.

Once you are on your project dashboard, the options to either stop/restart, or start, your project will be available.

Stopping and Starting

If your project is running, you will have two buttons on the bottom your dashboard, a "stop" and a "restart" button. Clicking the "stop" button will first prompt you to confirm your action. If you confirm your project will being to shutdown.

Once the project is stopped (or if the project is already in a stopped state), you will no longer have stop and restart buttons, but just one big "start" button. Clicking this button will start your project back up, deploying your last code bundle to a new servo.

Once the project is deployed, it will return to a "green" running state.


When your project is running, the restart button will be available. Clicking this button will first confirm if you would like to restart, and if you do confirm, the restart process will begin.

Once your project has been restarted, it will go back into a "green" running state.

For more information on these actions, please refer to our project documentation on the subject.

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