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General Billing Information

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2017 09:57AM EDT
This article will cover general questions that you may have on billing for projects, shared mongodb and customized items such as static IPs.


Servo Pricing

Hourly pricing costs for servos can be found on this page:  Xervo Pricing

Dedicated Mongo Pricing

Dedicated Mongo pricing can be found here:  Dedicated Mongo Pricing

Dedicated Proxies and Static IPs

We can provide a dedicated proxy / static IP address for incoming connections for the cost of $35 a month. 
You should note whether or not you require: SSL or WebSockets to be supported.  Please contact our support at help@xervo.io for having an incoming static IP set up.  Please note: customers are responsible for notifying support when they want to have their dedicated proxy / static IP removed.  

Startups and Discount Pricing

We offer a monthly credit of $45 to any startup that has been accepted into our startup program.  
This $45 credit lasts one year and can be in any way seen fit by the startup.  The startup is responsible for any charges accrued over $45.  More information on the startup program can be found here:  Apply to Startup Program 


General Questions

Here are some general questions that are typically asked about our pricing:

Is there a cap on network traffic?
  • There is no cap on network traffic

Can I be billed off of network traffic rather than billed per servo hour?
  • We do not provide pricing for the amount of network traffic your app or site gets.  We bill strictly on the amount of hours your servo is running for.

How can I save money on the monthly cost of running my project?
  • You can cut some costs by keeping your project in the 'stopped' state while you are not actively using or testing your app.  Charges do not accrue while a project is 'stopped.'  

Do I need to enter billing information after 1 month of usage?
  • No, you only need to enter billing information once your credits have been exhausted.  You can extend the amount of time your credits last by keeping your project 'stopped' when it is not actively being used.

I transferred my project to my org, but I still received an invoice for my personal account.
  • Projects have prorated billing.  Any hour that a project is running on a personal account during the month will be billed to the customer's personal account.  Any hours after the project has been transferred will be billed to that account.  The charges accrued does not transfer with the project.

Account Billing Questions

Here are some questions you may have about organizational billing and personal billing:

The projects on my account have all been stopped! Why did this happen? 
  • This occurs when an account becomes delinquent due to running out of credits, not having billing information entered, or your credit card being declined.  

My projects were stopped and I never received a notification.
  • We send out several notifications to the email registered to the account which owns the projects.  This happens over a week long period before the projects are shut off.  If you did not receive an email, verify in your account settings that you have your current email set.

My projects have been stopped, but I have valid billing information added!
  • Verify whether you are the owner of the projects, or an organization you are a part of manages the projects. You should check your organization billing dashboard immediately in these cases.  This can be done by: logging on my.xervo.io, select 'organizations' on the left, select the organization in the list which owns the projects, then select 'billing' on the left.  
(If you select 'billing' before you select your organization you will be taken to your personal billing dashboard and not your organization billing dashboard.)

My projects have been stopped because my account is delinquent.  Will the projects be deleted?
  • No, we do not delete projects when accounts become delinquent.  We simply 'stop' the projects.  Projects can be set to 'running' after valid billing information has been entered.


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